Product - 16-10-2018

Exclusive worldwide launch of ECCO Vitrus

When ECCO launched its ECCO Vitrus International Agenda limited edition collection, the formal men’s footwear entered the market city by city in the course of just a week, starting with Tokyo on Monday, Shanghai on Tuesday, London on Wednesday, Moscow on Thursday, New York on Friday, Amsterdam on Saturday, and finally Copenhagen on Sunday.
Corporate Responsibility - 09-10-2018

ECCO Indonesia facilitates new fire station

What does a fire station have to do with a premier shoe brand, you might ask? Actually a whole lot. ECCO’s facilities in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, now host a fire station built to serve the local community.
Corporate Responsibility - 18-09-2018

DriTan™ by ECCO Leather launched at IWA, Tokyo

Today, DriTan™ by ECCO Leather was introduced to an audience of water specialists at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo. President of IWA, Diane d’Arras and the Executive Director, Prof. Kala Vairavamoorthy joined ECCO’s Head of Applied Research Thomas Gøgsig and VP Creative Director Liam Maher on stage.
Corporate Responsibility - 12-09-2018

DriTan™ by ECCO Leather introduces water-efficient technology

25,000,000 litres of water. That’s how much ECCO’s water-efficient innovation DriTan™ will save ECCO at its tannery in the Netherlands every year.
Product - 15-08-2018

ECCO pushes boundaries with Fluidform Technology

ECCO is not the only brand using direct injection techniques. But ECCO has done it for a long time, pushing boundaries with it. Over the years, the approach to direct injection has evolved into the distinctive Fluidform process being used today.
Corporate Responsibility - 08-08-2018

ECCO participates in EU Health & Safety Campaign

In ECCO, we have a relentless focus on ensuring that our products come to life under the right conditions both for our colleagues who are involved in the processes, and for the environment.
Corporate Responsibility - 06-07-2018

ECCO Walkathon sponsors Summer Camp

ECCO Conference Centre in Tønder, Denmark, is always a busy place. However, this week, ECCO’s headquarters were full of children’s laughter. 30 children with heart conditions were invited to spend four days with ECCO and the Danish Heart Association to network, challenge themselves, and simply have fun.
Corporate Responsibility - 18-06-2018

ECCO Leather has taken over waste water treatment plant in Dongen, NL

Following years of close cooperation to ensure responsible treatment of by-products from the leather tanning process, ECCO Leather has taken over operations of the Dutch waste water treatment plant Waterstromen in Dongen, NL.
Corporate - 26-04-2018

Innovative partnership fosters shoe design talents

Since 2011, a strategic partnership between Design School Kolding and ECCO has unfolded, and it allows upcoming shoe designers to explore the world of shoes and pave new trails.
Product - 17-04-2018

ECCO EXOSTRIKE wins the Red Dot Design Award

The ECCO EXOSTRIKE DYNEEMA Edition has won the 2018 Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding design.
Corporate - 13-04-2018

Apple announces collaboration with ECCO Leather

This week, Apple informed about commitments from some of it suppliers on the use of renewable energy. Among these suppliers are ECCO Leather.
Events - 10-04-2018

ECCO INDIGO on the runway of the 2018 China Fashion Week

ECCO launched its ECCO INDIGO Leather collection at the International Fashion Week in Beijing, China
Product - 27-03-2018

ECCO Leather: Only the best is good enough

Unique to our industry, ECCO makes leather at our own tanneries as leather is a fundamental component of most ECCO shoes. Since 1985, ECCO Leather has grown to become one of the world’s largest producers of quality leather. We invite you to visit ECCO Leather on Instagram.
Corporate - 05-03-2018

ECCO Design Studio: a window to the world

Room for creativity and a constant eye for ways to do things better, smarter, and differently. Those are some of the key elements that stand out when you enter ECCO’s design studio in the outskirts of Tønder, Denmark. ECCO Design Studio houses ECCO’s design team and some of the other creative heads and hands that drive ECCO’s design profile.
Trend - 13-02-2018

Footwear News acknowledges 2018 fall collection

Footwear News, leading trendspotter in shoes, has picked up on the ECCO design universe and given their followers a glimpse of how ECCO uses nature for inspiration in colours and textiles on their website.
Events - 12-02-2018

ECCO EXOSTRIKE is a gold winner

We're honoured to receive two prestigious awards for our ECCO EXOSTRIKE outdoor shoe: the 2018 ISPO Award in the Outdoor category for Hiking and Trekking Footwear, and the Footwear category for the 2018 Scandinavian Outdoor Award.
Product - 22-01-2018

ECCO wins the 2017 Best Casual Shoes award

ECCO’s use of premium leather and innovative comfort has won an award for 2017 Best Casual Shoes at the Sina Fashion Best Taste 2017 Awards in Beijing. The awards brought together the best of fashion and lifestyle brands, recognising those with a spirit of traditional craftsmanship, originality, professionalism and character in the China market.
Events - 19-01-2018

ECCO at Berlin Fashion Week

Innovation, technology and fashion were in focus when ECCO was invited to join this year’s Berlin Fashion Week in FashionTech, one of the world’s leading fashion and tech conferences.