Corporate - 26/04/2018

Innovative partnership fosters shoe design talents

If one day you happen to meet a shoe designer, odds are that he/she is the result of a collaboration between Design School Kolding and ECCO. Uniquely, a formal shoe design programme is available to Design School Kolding’s bachelor and master students, and although it is quite new, it is already an attraction not only to Danish students, but to students from all over the world. In short, the collaboration allows the students to follow a specific shoe programme that provides them with firsthand knowledge on materials, shapes and construction, learning from some of the best in the business.

Included in the programme is easy access to ECCO’s expert knowledge on the shoe industry, an invitation to use the workshops at ECCO’s headquarters, and feedback on their projects from ECCO’s shoe experts. The collaboration between Design School Kolding and ECCO opens up for ambitious talent development of a new generation of shoe designers, and clearly, the tie between the two organisations is beneficial to both.

Shoe design workshop at ECCO Headquarters (3m 20s):


Design School Kolding highlights the fact that the programme gives the students unique opportunities to develop knowledge and test usability of their shoe designs in a real-world environment. To ECCO, the collaboration with future designers is a welcome source of inspiration and an opportunity to showcase ECCO as an attractive employer to upcoming design talents with a nose for innovative design.




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