Corporate Responsibility - 08/08/2018

ECCO participates in EU Health & Safety Campaign

Health and safety at work is everyone’s concern. In ECCO, we have a relentless focus on ensuring that our products come to life under the right conditions both for our colleagues who are involved in the processes, and for the environment.

ECCO shoes are high-performance, durable items designed to cope with all kinds of extreme terrain and conditions. These characteristics require chemical substances to give our shoes the unique properties they need. While the substances are necessary to take ECCO shoes to the high level we require, it is fundamental that we fully control how these substances are used in our production to ensure that ECCO employees continue to work under safe conditions.

Our Health & Safety colleagues play an important role in keeping our workplace safe. Located across our company, they promote worksite and product safety to avoid hazards from a variety of sources: chemical, physical, biological, and even psychological. They are always on the lookout for new ways to predict and prevent hazardous conditions and when they occur, control them with safety measures.
Campaigning for Healthy Workplaces
Even with strict workplace regulations, many jobs carry an element of risk. Therefore, ECCO participates in an international campaign to promote healthy workplaces organised by the European Union. The overall objective is to raise awareness of risk elimination when dealing with dangerous substances.

In connection with the campaign, ECCO has introduced a new internal procedure on the approval of new chemicals. In addition to tightening the approval process, the procedure expresses clearly which chemicals to avoid. “The initiatives we are taking in ECCO are stricter than what the law requires,” explains Tomas Branik, Group Health and Safety Specialist. “The fact that we officially support this campaign is sending a very strong message that ECCO really CARES, and the elimination of dangerous substances becomes one of the core targets.“ Among the steps planned to further promote the campaign are distribution and publishing of campaign materials, internal trainings, e-tool assessment, and internal procedures on substitution of chemicals.


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