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Product - 16-10-2018

Exclusive worldwide launch of ECCO Vitrus

When ECCO launched its ECCO Vitrus International Agenda limited edition collection, the formal men’s footwear entered the market city by city in the course of just a week, starting with Tokyo on Monday, Shanghai on Tuesday, London on Wednesday, Moscow on Thursday, New York on Friday, Amsterdam on Saturday, and finally Copenhagen on Sunday.
Corporate Responsibility - 09-10-2018

ECCO Indonesia facilitates new fire station

What does a fire station have to do with a premier shoe brand, you might ask? Actually a whole lot. ECCO’s facilities in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, now host a fire station built to serve the local community.
Corporate Responsibility - 18-09-2018

DriTan™ by ECCO Leather launched at IWA, Tokyo

Today, DriTan™ by ECCO Leather was introduced to an audience of water specialists at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo. President of IWA, Diane d’Arras and the Executive Director, Prof. Kala Vairavamoorthy joined ECCO’s Head of Applied Research Thomas Gøgsig and VP Creative Director Liam Maher on stage.
Corporate Responsibility - 12-09-2018

DriTan™ by ECCO Leather introduces water-efficient technology

25,000,000 litres of water. That’s how much ECCO’s water-efficient innovation DriTan™ will save ECCO at its tannery in the Netherlands every year.
Product - 15-08-2018

ECCO pushes boundaries with Fluidform Technology

ECCO is not the only brand using direct injection techniques. But ECCO has done it for a long time, pushing boundaries with it. Over the years, the approach to direct injection has evolved into the distinctive Fluidform process being used today.
Corporate Responsibility - 08-08-2018

ECCO participates in EU Health & Safety Campaign

In ECCO, we have a relentless focus on ensuring that our products come to life under the right conditions both for our colleagues who are involved in the processes, and for the environment.

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