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Corporate Responsibility - 29-06-2021

Investment in modern green technology lifts ECCO’s environmental efforts

ECCO has entered into an agreement with the shareholders behind Bioscavenge and now owns over 30% of the company.
Corporate - 08-06-2021

ECCO opens four prime outlet shops in the US

Over the past month, ECCO has opened its first four prime outlet shops in the US.
Corporate - 10-05-2021

ECCO opens flagship shop in Shanghai

In April, ECCO added yet another member to our family of physical shops around the world with the opening of a new flagship shop in Shanghai.
Corporate Responsibility - 05-05-2021

ECCO takes DriTan™ to the next level

A few years ago, ECCO introduced part one of our innovative DriTan™ technology - a step in the tanning process that results in clear improvements on all relevant parameters: water and energy, chemicals, waste water, and sludge. While DriTan™ 1.0 has already challenged traditional thinking in the tanning industry, ECCO's path towards completely water-free tanning continues.
Corporate Responsibility - 29-03-2021

Sign language connecting people in ECCO Indonesia

In Indonesia, ECCO has employed 33 production operators with disabilities. Therefore, sign language training has been introduced to facilitate the communication with colleagues who prefer to communicate using sign language.
Corporate Responsibility - 26-11-2020

ECCO wins sustainability award at Danish award show

ECCO has been awarded with the ‘Green Imprint’ award at Danish ELLE Style Awards

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