ECCO makes Milan Design Week debut with immersive exhibition Material Matters

Events Stories - 26/04/2024

ECCO makes Milan Design Week debut with immersive exhibition Material Matters

ECCO, ECCO Leather, and At.Kollektive have made their debut at Salone del Mobile with Material Matters - a multi-faceted, immersive exhibition celebrating the formative role of material choices in shaping the future of design and innovation.

Held at 10 Corso Como’s Capsule Plaza, Material Matters took the audience on a sensory journey through the versatility of leather and PU. Highlighting the varied potential of the materials, visitors were met by an installation rendered in signature Organic Tanned Leather (ISO 15115:2019(E)), as well as a range of PU-cast seating. Cleverly merging art, technology, and craftsmanship, the installation brings material and community together with participants invited to leave an imprint on the visual output.                                                 

Spotlighting the diverse ECCO community, work by collaborators including Anne Holtrop, Bianca Sanders, Kostas Murkudis, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, and NM3 was showcased throughout the event. In addition, an interactive workshop offering a hands-on experience with ECCO Leather’s Organic Tanned Leather, was open to visitors, whether seasoned leather experts or simply curious and looking to expand their knowledge.

“Milan Design Week is where design, materials, and craftsmanship meet each other. For years, I believed that ECCO should be a part of it and am proud of us being here next to other iconic brands. Being makers, we believe in materials, and ECCO Leather is our material innovation vehicle. For us, the exhibition is a manifesto that affirms our brand-wide commitment to innovation, progress, thoughtful design, and translating that to an experience for the audience. Leather will always be a limitless material for us,” says ECCO CEO Panos Mytaros.