Corporate Responsibility - 29/06/2021

Investment in modern green technology lifts ECCO’s environmental efforts

ECCO has entered into an agreement with the shareholders behind Bioscavenge and now owns over 30% of the company. 

Bioscavenge is a Danish startup that specialises in water purification technologies, and in developing and implementing new methods for water treatment plants. During the past two years, ECCO has collaborated with Bioscavenge in a research and development project to meet ECCO’s environmental ambitions. 

In its leather division, ECCO owns four major tanneries, and the company has recently published a set of targets to reach net-zero discharge of water before the end of 2030. With the investment in Bioscavenge, ECCO takes an active role in the company. Together, the two companies will test new technologies and take yet another step towards a tanning process based on closed water loops. 

”ECCO owns practically the entire value chain from leather and shoe production to retail, and this puts us in a unique position to influence the development of new methods in the environmental field,” says Thomas Gøgsig, CEO of ECCO Investment Corporation which is behind the investment in Bioscavenge. ”We wish to not only reduce our own water foot print to the widest possible extent, but also to support intelligent environmental technologies that elevate the industry’s way of handling and prioritising water resources.” 



About ECCO 

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