Corporate Responsibility - 26/11/2020

ECCO wins sustainability award at Danish award show

ECCO brought home the ‘Green Imprint’-award, which according to ELLE Denmark is given to a company that has integrated sustainable and climate-friendly processes in large parts of the value chain and managed to articulate the initiatives in a way that resonates with Danish fashion consumers and makes them aware that we all have a responsibility.  

Editor-in-chief and Media Director at ELLE Denmark Cecilie Ingdal says about awarding ECCO with the win:  

“It is absolutely crucial for the sustainable transformation of not only the Danish fashion industry, but also the entire fashion industry, that the biggest players take the lead. Leather is a frequently criticised material in sustainable circles, as large amounts of water are used during production, but ECCO has taken the first solid steps towards sustainable leather production with the technology DriTan™, which greatly reduces the amount of water, which is used in connection with the tannage of the leather. These are the kinds of initiatives that matter and make a difference that  gives consumers a choice.”  

Lene Nedergaard, Head of Marketing Operations at ECCO, says:  

“While happy to receive this award, ECCO is – first and foremost – proud to be nominated amongst other reputable brands that seek to change the game. It is great to see ELLE Style Awards shine a light on those who lead by example and challenge industry standards by taking the next important steps towards improved sustainability through quality, durability, timeless design, broad wearability and innovative technology.”  

ELLE Style Awards is a Danish award show held by fashion magazine ELLE Denmark. Due to COVID-19, the announcement was made online.  


About ECCO 

ECCO is one of the world’s leading shoe brands, combining style and comfort. ECCO’s success is built on top-quality leathers and innovative technology. ECCO is a highly responsible company that owns and manages every aspect of the value chain from leather and shoe manufacturing to wholesale and retail activities. ECCO’s products are sold in 101 countries from over 2,250 ECCO shops and more than 14,000 sales points. ECCO is family-owned, founded in Denmark in 1963, and employs 25,500 people worldwide.