Corporate Responsibility - 14/08/2020

ECCO donates bicycles to children in Vietnam

From donating school supplies to schools in Thailand to financing mobile libraries in Indonesia, the initiatives in ECCO's Corporate Responsibility programme are wide and plenty. Another example is a project to donate bicycles to underprivileged children in Vietnam.

ECCO constantly seeks to be an active and respectful member of the countries and communities it operates in. ECCO has therefore for years participated in activities and projects in the communities in which we operate. These activities are closely related to ECCO’s core values.

A bike equals access to schooling

ECCO’s factory in Vietnam is located in a fairly new district, where schools in many cases are located far from the people’s homes, and there is no bus service. When both parents work, or maybe even work different shifts, they are unable to take their children to school every day. 

To support the children’s schooling, ECCO Vietnam last year donated 66 bicycles to enable the children to get to school safely. 

“Helping kids really engages our entire workforce as a very large majority of our employees have children of their own. It makes us really proud to be able to help the kids in our local community,” says Alexander Christopher Falter, Managing Director of ECCO Vietnam.

He continues:

“The kids are very delighted and it makes their lives a lot easier. A bicycle is a big help, very efficient, and a lot safer when they have no other option to get to school.”

You can read more about ECCO’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives here: 

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