Corporate Responsibility - 04/06/2020

Design students collaborate with ECCO

A new book titled ‘Rebel shoe, rebel bag’ displays upcoming designers’ take on products created with a rebellious mindset. Since 2011, ECCO has collaborated with Design School Kolding to give the students in-depth knowledge of footwear. In return, the students challenge and inspire ECCO in terms of innovation and design. Every year, the results of the collaboration are displayed in a book. 

‘Rebel shoe, rebel bag’ contains a selection of shoes and bags designed by cross-disciplinary groups of students from Design School Kolding’s departments of fashion, textile, accessory and industrial design. Each collection suggests a different way of being a contemporary rebel with a cause.

The project is part of a long-standing strategic collaboration between Design School Kolding and ECCO – a collaboration which for years has proven mutually beneficial.

“When students are allowed the opportunity to learn in different settings, they achieve profound insight into the newest technology, the most advanced professional knowledge, and research,” says Lene Tanggaard, Rector of Design School Kolding. 

To ECCO, the collaboration with the upcoming designers is a way to quickly spot some of the greatest talents.

"We appreciate being able to make our contribution to the development of new designers, and there is no doubt that our interaction with the young designers has strengthened ECCO’s brand in the creative world,” says Chief Designer at ECCO Ejnar Truelsen.

Since the shoes came to life as part of an educational programme, they are not for sale.  

Top photo:  Made by Josephine Ilona, Stine Ditlev, Carl Sylvester Berg Madsen, Christine Beate Kjos-Hanssen Husøy and Rasmus Rostrup

Bottom photo: Made by Mathilde Alexandra Møller, Nicklas Lohmann, Laura Astrup Larsen and Maibritt Marjunadóttir


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