Corporate - 02/06/2017

ECCO expansion in France

Back in 2014 ECCO opened its first monobrand store in France in collaboration with its partner S.A.S. L.S. Diffusion. It was an important step for both companies, which have worked successfully together since then. Now, this collaboration is reinforced with the announcement of a Joint Venture. ECCO will be part-owner of S.A.S. L.S. Diffusion, which will be operated by Laura Steinmetz with the objective to develop ECCO’s monobrand business in France.

Laura Steinmetz comes from a shoe retailer family with a long history within shoes and retail. Laura has been President of S.A.S. LS Diffusion since 2014 and she will continue in the same role within the Joint Venture. Furthermore, S.A.S. LS Diffusion will change its name to ECCO France. 

Since 2014 S.A.S. L.S. Diffusion has run two ECCO Stores located in Paris and Strasbourg. Two new stores will be added to their portfolio this year. The first one, in Nice, is already open to the public (Rue de la Liberté, 4) and will host a public opening event on the 2nd and 3rd of June. The next store opening is planned for July in Paris (Boulevard Saint Germain), and it will be the second ECCO Store in the French capital.

By the end of 2017, ECCO France will have four ECCO stores, and the expansion is planned to continue in the coming years. The ambition of this Joint Venture is to develop ECCO store portfolio in France. 

For more information, please visit or contact: 
Erik Heldoorn, / +31 20 409 71 00

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