Corporate - 24/08/2017

ECCO engages in a new scientific network

ECCO is among the group of first movers in this newly established initiative of free-access basic research network. The main purpose of the network is to close the gap between the academic society and industry, by bringing traditionally expensive basic research results to the masses free of charge and if relevant for full commercial exploitation.

Thomas Gøgsig, Head of Applied Research in ECCO, says:

“It’s great for a company like ECCO to be part of the Open Science network. The participants can contribute in whatever way each find appropriate and together we create a knowhow pool. It’s a win-win situation for all engaged parties and the society as such”.

Researchers from the science departments at the Danish universities in Aarhus and Copenhagen and partners from the industry such as LEGO, VELUX, Vestas, SP Group and Grundfos, have created an Open Science platform named SPOMAN (Smart Polymer Materials and Nano-Composites). On this website, ideas, results and data are uploaded and made available for everyone interested while research projects are running.

You can access the website here:

Sharing valuable knowledge
Thomas Gøgsig says:

“In order to drive innovation forward and maintain ECCO’s renowned pioneering position in the footwear industry, technology and know-how are of utmost importance. We see this initiative as a catalyst for generating valuable knowledge and a playground where new technologies can be sparked,” and adds:

“Disruption is an ever-occurring and very popular buzzword these days. Basically it refers to a new principle or concept which subverts an existing business practice and turns it redundant. Instead of rejecting these new trends we can embrace them and turn them into opportunities. That is the essence of Open Science”.

SPOMAN in short:
Fundamental research is most often conducted behind the walls of the university. In a closed society, willing to share a minimum of information about their hypothesis, methods and findings with outsiders. But what if fundamental research found its way into the world and into the industry? What if fundamental research could solve some of the problems faced by the industry or maybe unknown research territories was the missing piece of the puzzle? What if fundamental research was done in an open collaboration between the industry and the university, a collaboration where inputs from everyone were welcome? This is exactly what the SPOMAN Open Science Community is about.



About ECCO
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