People - 26/01/2017

The life of a new trainee in ECCO: “I am living the dream”

With a passion for shoe making Misbahuddin Zulkharnain chose a career track on the ECCO trainee programme in Shoe Production Management. During his traineeship he will be travelling to Portugal, Xiamen, Thailand and Slovakia. Currently he is at ECCO’s biggest shoe production unit in Indonesia.

Why did you choose to become an ECCO trainee?

“Leather making has been a subject around the dinner table since childhood as my father was also a Leather Technician. I’ve always been fascinated with leather as a natural material, which is very challenging to work with. As a trainee in ECCO you get to learn about the whole process of the value chain from hide to high street. That and the ECCO vision of being the best shoe company in the world I find very exciting.

How was your first experience when starting as an ECCO trainee?

“I was so excited to start my traineeship and see the ECCO headquarters for the first time! This year, we are the most international group of trainees in ECCO to date and I really enjoyed meeting all my fellow trainees from around the world. It was my first time in Europe and while India can get up to 50 degrees in the summer, being in Denmark during winter felt like being pushed into a freezer!

What was your first impression of your current location?

“I was really curios to learn about the business as more than 50% of the entire shoe production of ECCO is made here in Indonesia. They work with so much passion and dedication, while handling a very difficult and detailed job. The people here are very sweet and friendly so it is a wonderful atmosphere to work in.

What has been your favourite experience as a trainee so far?

One of my favourite experiences so far was the leather crash course in Dongen, Holland. Before starting in ECCO I worked as a leather technician for 3 years, but never has it been so much fun! As the Executive Vice President for ECCO Leather said during our introduction “having fun and loving your job is what will drive you to work every day” – and that spirit was very evident there.

What is the most challenging about being an ECCO trainee?

“The most challenging I would say is to learn to navigate the different cultures and learn how to work well with all the different people you meet around the world. Every day I strive to become a better person and I believe understanding the human nature of the people you meet is part of that.

What do you hope to gain from your time as an ECCO trainee?

“I’ve always had a passion for shoe making and in ECCO I hope to get to understand the whole process – it’s like a master’s degree in shoe making really, with hands on experience! However, for me it is also about the personal development - It is not only about the end goal, but rather the person I become along the way.”

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