Corporate Responsibility - 29/03/2021

Sign language connecting people in ECCO Indonesia

In Indonesia, ECCO has employed 33 production operators with disabilities. Therefore, sign language training has been introduced to facilitate the communication with colleagues who prefer to communicate using sign language. 

As there is no universal sign language, different sign languages are used throughout the world. In Indonesia, ECCO offers training in sign language based on classroom sessions where employees learn how to communicate with their hands.

“After attending the training, I can communicate much more effectively and I am better at my job, especially when providing safety instructions,” explains one of our Health and Safety engineers at our factory in Sidoardjo, Indonesia.

As in many aspects of life, although schooling is an important step in the learning process, the real education takes place outside the controlled environment of a classroom.

”Sign language in practice is sometimes different from what we learn in the classroom,” explains a supervisor from ECCO’s stitching halls. ”As is the case with spoken language, we sometimes shorten words. Therefore, we must also learn new ways to communicate through sign language from our colleagues with disabilities outside the classroom. It’s important to be patient and develop our communication skills together.”

While learning sign language develops our employees’ skills in a way that makes it easier for them to communicate at work, the best thing about the training is that it promotes understanding and acceptance in all aspects of life. A nurse at ECCO’s factory explains:

“The training makes it easier to communicate when asking for further information or when discussing medical matters. It allows me to establish a nurse-patient relationship, so that we can discuss any medical concerns in depth.”

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