Meet our Trainees

EITE programme
Strategy and Planning
I have always wished, that my work is my passion as well. That became a reality in ECCO, I truly love to work here. I feel that my voice is always being heard and that I am part of global family of shoemakers. In such a big and international organisation, there are opportunities around every corner. It just up to you how you grab them.

I like my trainee programme because I can develop myself and use my potential fully. I have a possibility to work on interesting projects, support ECCO on its vision and be creative and independent. I can experience new cultures, get a deep understanding of ECCO’s value chain and develop a great network.

To be a trainee in ECCO you simply have to be a daring and positive person. You have to be ready to get out of your comfort zone, to take initiative and to be challenged. If you want international career and are willing to work hard for it, you are the right person to become a trainee in ECCO.

EITE programme
OMNI channel retail/E-commerce
From my experience, ECCO is a company truly interested in motivating and empowering employees willing to become involved. The corporate culture is friendly and trusting. Very quickly, I was able to meet many passionate and talented people behind the brand.

What I like about the trainee programme is that, in a short amount of time, I get the opportunity to look in depth into different areas of the supply chain. Each placement challenges me in order to achieve things, which seem to be impossible at the beginning. These high targets constantly motivate me to outgrow my current abilities. My mentors do everything in their power to support the achievement of these goals. It is a personal challenge where you can learn a lot about the shoemaking process but also about yourself.

To be a trainee in ECCO, I think it is necessary to have an internal drive, to be curious, to make new experiences and to broaden one’s horizon. It is helpful to be a team player, to have an awareness of cultural differences and be ready to change location often.

EITE programme
Commercial Sales
Working in ECCO is unique. It is a constant inspiration to be surrounded by so many strong, visionary and dedicated people united by one aim – to develop products that are relentlessly useful and intrinsically beautiful, products that will always work – the new Scandinavian icons.

What I like the most about my trainee programme is that it gives a 360° perspective of the company. From making leather in the Netherlands, through stitching shoes in Thailand and checking the quality of ECCO Leather Goods in China, to supporting our retail organisation in Switzerland and even selling a few ECCO products on the shop floor in Czech Republic, I have never had a boring day at ECCO. And - this is just the beginning.

To be a trainee in ECCO, you need to be passionate and constantly moving forward. It’s not an easy journey and there is no shortcut to what you want to achieve but you can create your very own agenda for success and count on the support of a truly global family.

EITE programme
CRM Marketing
When you are working in ECCO, it is like being part of a big family. No matter where in the world you meet ECCO employees they will always welcome you with smiles. The work environment is very international and you will work with colleagues from around the globe.

I really like the fact that I am being challenged on several levels. When you are experiencing the entire value chain during different rotations, you automatically get involved in projects and assignments, which are beyond your “comfort zone” – and that is truly a challenge, but it is also what strengthens your competences and business understanding. Combining the challenging work environment with interesting destinations around the world, contributes to your personal development. I have already learned a lot about my capabilities and myself.

To be a trainee in ECCO it takes courage, commitment and a sense of humility. It is about embracing the opportunities you get along the way and learning as much as possible. You need to have an open mind and a drive to succeed. It is a journey, which requires passion for the brand, for the ECCO family and for the work you engage in.

EITE programme
R&D, 2D construction
ECCO is a company with a unique atmosphere that changes constantly and gives you real opportunities to grow - through mentoring, constant challenges and interesting projects within your interests. When travelling to various ECCO units you will meet many trainee graduates working as leaders, managers and directors - this proves that it is a perfect place to build your career.  ECCO is a family of shoemakers sharing passion for what they do and attracting the best specialists in the world.

I love travelling, meeting new people from different cultures and working with great specialists. This is a unique programme, which gives you a broad perspective about a shoe business. I love the fact that besides my normal schedule I still have a time to use my creativity in different fields - like leather making.

Show your passion and many doors will be open for you. To be a trainee in ECCO you must be open, humble and work hard. Be aware that you will miss your friends – the trainee programme involves a lot of travelling. It takes a lot of courage to be able to live as a foreigner in so many cultures. Nevertheless, all those experiences are extremely rewarding - you will grow professionally and personally.

Graduate programme
Finance & Business Control
As a trainee, it’s great to work in ECCO! There’s great emphasis on the programme so you’ll feel from day one that you’re a valuable asset. 

What I like the most about my job is the global nature of the programme. As a global trainee, you’ll be expatriated to different units abroad and work with people from different cultures, which I find very appealing. Furthermore, during your rotations you will get a unique “hands on” insight in the value chain of a big multinational corporation.

To be a trainee in ECCO, it requires that you’re up for a challenge, because you will find yourself in deep water out there. As a trainee, you’re not expected to swim perfectly the first time but rather that you’ll try hard to learn. In other words, you will be assigned to value-adding projects straight away and then it’s your task to show you’re up for the challenge.

Graduate programme
Shoe Production Management
Working in ECCO is challenging and fun. The challenging part is that I have got many responsibilities as a trainee and I have to prove to the company how much value I can contribute to bring some positive changes. It is fun because I am allowed to be creative in creating my own contributions and I am happy that I can learn something new every single day. Apart from that, it is really amazing to experience the company values through my working experience. I have met so many people who are passionate about what they are doing and it is really inspiring to hear their stories in ECCO. I also feel like I am a part of ECCO family whenever I go within ECCO units. People are really nice and helpful to me.

What I like the most about the programme is the flexibility to learn from different areas in the company and the cultural experience in different working rotations. For instance, I am exposed to finance and research and development areas while I am working on my projects. The cultural experience is also really interesting. It really builds my people and social skills because I learn to understand the working culture and the local culture, which really adds value for personal development.

To be a trainee in ECCO, it requires a positive attitude and open mindedness. Experiencing different culture, new people, and new environment can be really tough experience. Positive attitude definitely helps me to take my experience in a positive way by seeing the benefits for myself and for the company. It also helps me to be more proactive and motivated in making the best experience of my trainee programme. Next, open mindedness helps me to accept the differences and to be open to learn from the other cultures and people. It also helps me to build my network within the company.

Graduate programme

It’s very special to work in ECCO. Believe it or not, it feels like being a part of a global family. On my rotation in Thailand, I got invited on a family trip with two of the Thai employees. They met each other 8 years ago in ECCO. We had an amazing trip to a national park. Here you find people from every corner of the world with different backgrounds but we all have one thing in common, we are a part of the ECCO family.

What I like the most about the trainee programme is that I get full professional and personal support to become the best I can be. I travel around the world learning to work in different cultures and with different people, and at the same time I learn about myself; how I work, what skills set I have and where I can improve. The trainee programme brings something to yourself and ECCO which is hard to put down in words, because it so individual it depends on the person and people you meet along the way. That is the beauty and strength of the trainee programme, it fits the person going through it.

To be a trainee in ECCO requires - first of all - an open mindset and a strength to not give up. It’s challenging and you will be out of your comfort zone the same time, as you have to deliver. Your work life and personal life becomes one, and to finish with success and have a good experience, you have to do it 100%. If you are willing to do this, this programme will for sure change your perspective and make you a better person and employee.

Graduate programme
Commercial Sales

Some of the things I really enjoy about working in ECCO is to be a part of an exciting company continuously striving to improve and challenge itself. Additionally, I like working with skilled and passionate people from all over the world in different cultures and business contexts.

For me, the ECCO trainee programme was the perfect opportunity to start my career because apart from being a job it offered me the opportunity to gain a broad business understanding from working in different places as well as continuously develop and challenge myself – and I was offered the opportunity to learn Chinese along the way! 

Trainees are a big part of ECCO’s history and are offered a great opportunity to learn and gain responsibilities. As a trainee in ECCO, you have to be humble, have an open mind, be willing to face challenges and be able to view things from different perspectives. You are always on the move and need to adapt quickly and contribute in your different rotations. Finally, yet importantly, you have to be ambitious – also for ECCO!