FAQ Internship

Internship at ECCO
We place great emphasis on education, and cooperation with graduate students. We are interested in investing in students, as they can give us new and fresh input. Our aim is to evolve in our business every day, to learn new things, and this could be achieved through interns. Therefore we do our best in accommodation interns into our business, who will function as full-time employees for a given period.

How long should an internship be?
ECCO internships last for 3-6 months, preferably six months. Less than three months, will not provide enough time for given department or the intern to gain insight into the business of ECCO.

How do I apply for an internship?
If you are interested in an internship position at ECCO, you can send an application at students@ecco.com, in which you inform us that you are looking for an internship, describe what you are interested in and what your capabilities are.. Your application will be saved for six months, and you will hear from us if we have any relevant internship position for you.

Is the internship paid?
As a main rule an internship with ECCO is unpaid and travel expenses and accommodation will not be covered either.

Can I choose in which country I want the internship?
Our internships are primarily based out of ECCO’s HQ in Tønder or Bredebro. If you are interested in another country, then please inform us when forwarding your application.

Can I get an internship, where I get to work in different departments?
As it is valuable for us to provide a student with solid knowledge, we prefer to keep interns connected to one department during the internship period. Usually you will be assigned a project or area of responsibility, which requires your full attention for up to six months. 

Can I write my thesis in connection with my internship?
Most departments would want you to finish a project, in order to finalize your job and experience with ECCO.  This could be your thesis, but this should be further arranged at your recruitment interview.

FAQ Thesis

Thesis cooperation within ECCO
If you are currently enrolled in a relevant educational program at a University or another school at university level, you can apply to write your bachelor or master thesis in cooperation with ECCO.

Should the thesis be written in English?
ECCO’s corporate language is English, therefore the thesis should be written in English.

How do I apply for a thesis cooperation?
If you are interested in cooperating with ECCO on a thesis project, please send your application to students@ecco.com, in which you describe your thesis project and what you are looking for. If we are able to match your education and interest we will contact you. Your application will be saved for six months. 

To save time and make sure that your application will reach the right department please complete below form and send it to students@ecco.com together with your thesis application.

Will I get paid or otherwise rewarded for my thesis?
As a main rule, you will not be financially rewarded for your thesis project. We will accommodate you with information about ECCO, and potential interviews. 

Can I write my thesis at ECCO HQ?
It will be possible to come to the office in the beginning, in order to collect materials and information. You will be provided with a mentor who you can contact via phone or email. Further arrangements can be made at your recruitment interview.

All materials you get from ECCO are confidential. You and your supervisor should therefore expect to be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Can you suggest some topics, which you need a student to work on?
We expect you to suggest your own topics and ideas for your thesis project.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at students@ecco.com.