ECCO strives to be the leading premium brand for shoes and leather goods. We believe that if you combine craftsmanship and high-tech processes, you can create a new sense of comfort in motion.

ECCO´s employees and management are the core of ECCO.

It is ECCO´s wish to employ people around the globe, give them attractive working conditions, fair wages, and especially, where possible, lifelong employment with constant training and education and new challenges to make their work life rewarding.

ECCO believes in respect for different cultures and religions, and a workplace free of discrimination with the right to rest and leisure.

We strive to provide good working environments and safe working conditions.

How would you describe ECCO’s workforce?

We know that an inclusive and diverse workforce makes ECCO stronger.

We’re a multigenerational company with employees from 18 to 78.

We’re proud to employ more than 60 nationalities across the globe.

ECCO’s workforce is comprised of 70% women and 30% men.

We believe that education is an equaliser. That’s why we offer life-long learning possibilities to all of our employees.

All in all, we strive to be a great place to work for our 25,500 employees. That’s why we continue to challenge ourselves to foster an inclusive workplace that allows our employees to unleash their full potential.

What is your stance on racism?

ECCO is firmly against any form of racism and inequality.

We are continuously committed to driving positive change, and internally our teams are sharing their personal stories and ideas for how we can work against racism, inequality and injustice.

ECCO welcomes all employees regardless of gender, race, physical characteristics, disabilities, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and political beliefs. We’re all connected.

What is your reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement?

At ECCO, we believe that Black Lives Matter, and we stand with the black community.

We are committed to driving positive change, and internally our teams are sharing their personal stories and ideas for how we can work against racism, inequality and injustice.

Our global code of conduct can be found here: group.ecco.com/en/responsibility/code-of-conduct

What is ECCO going to do (internally and externally) to stand up against racism and injustice?

At ECCO, we see our workplace as an important entry point for addressing racial discrimination. Through raising awareness and dialogue with our employees, and promoting diversity, we are better able to understand the situation and develop the necessary skills and tools to actively address and eliminate racial discrimination.

We believe that it should be the skill and experience of a person, rather than their gender or ethnicity, that determine a person’s eligibility for their job.

ECCO has set up a notifier system, where all ECCO employees confidentially and anonymously can report any breach to ECCO´s Code of Conduct. 

How does your marketing reflect your stand on diversity?

Being a global brand, we aim to embrace diversity in our marketing approach – be it gender, race, or sexuality. 

ECCO’s headquarters are based in Denmark from where we produce a lot of our campaign materials. However, as ECCO is present in more than 100 markets, a great deal of our marketing will reflect an allegiance to the local culture and community in which we’re anchored.

Does ECCO pay compliant wages to all production workers in the countries where you operate?

All ECCO production units have fair and good employment conditions which exceed minimum statutory requirements.

Furthermore, our production employees are enrolled in a company sponsored health insurance programme.

What are ECCO’s priorities as an employer?

At ECCO, we believe in lifelong education. It takes place in all ECCO facilities because we want our employees where possible to be multi-skilled, and encouragement is given to take larger job responsibilities. 

What is your take on child labour?

ECCO’s Code of Conduct strictly requires that employees must be at least 15 years of age, or past the national minimum working age, whichever is higher.

ECCO demands its suppliers to follow same employment age rule.

How does ECCO care for the environment?

The protection of the environment is a key obligation for ECCO.

We are aware that our activities, in one way or another, affect the environment and do our utmost to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations. Therefore, we invest significantly in new technology to improve our processes and address the environmental challenges.

ECCO addresses these challenges in a multi-faceted approach, tailored to create solutions both globally and locally. Energy efficiency is a key step to reducing our impact on climate change and creating a sustainable energy future.

At ECCO, 13% of the total energy consumption at ECCO's tanneries comes from renewable energy sources. 75% of the waste produced by ECCO's shoe factories is recycled or recovered. For ECCO's tanneries, the figure is 60%.

All of ECCO's four tanneries are gold rated by independent industry organisation Leather Working Group (LWG). In ECCO´s tanneries, we operate state-of-the-art waste water treatment plants to ensure that no contaminated water is released into the environment.

For more information about ECCO's environmental initiatives, please visit group.ecco.com/responsibility.

Does ECCO make vegan shoes?

In our shoe making we use both textiles and animal-hide leathers. ECCO is constantly seeking to provide improvements to the footwear and leather industry, finding ways to develop premium quality shoes without compromising animals or the environment unnecessarily.

ECCO uses animal materials for our shoes to accomplish maximum quality and comfort. We acknowledge the interest in using vegan or vegetable-based materials. However, it is our perception that these materials do not yet match ECCO’s requirements when it comes to quality, texture and characteristics.

Nevertheless, we follow the trends closely and stick to an innovative approach to the development of new ECCO materials.

Do you have an animal welfare policy?

Animal welfare is an important issue to ECCO, and all animals must be treated decently. Any material supplied to ECCO must be processed without animal cruelty.

No animals are slaughtered for the purpose of delivering hides to ECCO. We buy hides from slaughterhouses and as a leftover product from the meat industry, thereby contributing to a more sustainable value chain for the animals.

For more information about our Animal Welfare Policy, please visit: group.ecco.com/en/responsibility

What kind of social projects do you support?

With activities in many countries with unique cultures, ECCO experiences the strength that comes from diversity. The respect for people and cultures is deeply rooted in ECCO. We consider ourselves a guest in the countries we work in and always respect the local cultures.

ECCO gets involved in relevant local issues because we want to be an active and supportive member of the community.

The majority of the projects which ECCO supports are initiated and run locally to ensure a high social impact locally.

In 2019, ECCO’s units around the globe supported community projects in more than 13 countries.

Do you use chemicals in your shoes?

Chemicals are necessary in ECCO’s shoe production to give our products the elevated look and outstanding comfort we’re known for.

However, our shoes do not contain any chemicals that are hazardous to consumers or the environment. ECCO complies with national and international regulation governing chemical use.

We have a comprehensive chemical test programme in which product components are tested before they are used in production. These tests are carried out not only by our own shoe factories and tanneries, but also by our suppliers and are tested at third party institutes as well.