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The life of a former trainee in ECCO: “I learned a lot”

After working in an ECCO store in Australia during her studies, Ann Lim decided to become an ECCO trainee; “without it I never would have known that the career I have today is what I wanted to do”.

What is your area of responsibility as a Product & Retail Merchandising Manager?

“My job is to ensure that we have the optimal shoe collection in stores in Greater China; China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. That means working with both the design team in Denmark and the local markets to ensure we have all the right products on the shelves.”

Where did you work during your time as an ECCO trainee?

“I started at the headquarters in Denmark, then spent 2 months at our ECCO tannery in Holland, 5 months in our shoe factory in Xiamen, 5 months in retail in our Copenhagen Flagship store. And that was just the first year! Then I was in Design Lab for Kids shoes for 10 months followed by Amsterdam, Shanghai and Hong Kong.”

What was your favourite experience as an ECCO trainee?

My favourite, but also most challenging experience, was during my first year in the tannery in Holland. I was given a project to develop my own leather product all the way from the raw hide, making my own product and then selling it to the senior management as my final presentation before I left. The process itself was a really tough task, but it gave me a great understanding of how much time and effort goes into first developing the leather and then making our shoes.”

What did you learn from your time as an ECCO trainee?

“I learned a lot, but most importantly I gained a new family. When you are travelling as a trainee it is hard to be away from your family - three years is a long time! But you meet a lot of people along the way, colleagues who become friends and eventually an extended family.”

What opportunities did being a trainee in ECCO give you for your current career?

“Being an ECCO trainee has really opened up a whole new world for my career! Without it I never would have known that the career I have today is what I wanted to do. It gave me a 360 degree view of the whole business and the people who work here. It really expanded my network and gave me a chance to travel the world. With ECCO, the opportunities are endless.

How has it been to finish your traineeship and get a permanent position?

“It’s been really good. As a trainee you always have the mind-set that you are leaving, which is good in the sense that you put all your efforts into the time you have there. On the other hand it’s great to now get to work on more long-term projects and see them become a reality. I get a great sense of achievement to walk into an ECCO store and see the collection that I helped build 12 months ago.”

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